Configuring the Full Text Search Settings

When the Smallworld extract is created by Symaptic Shadow, each extracted record is also indexed. By default, all visible fields are included in the indexing. If you would like to configure what is included, you can add a method on at the rwo_record level or below which overrides the indexing value. For example the following would index only the name field:

_method min_road.symaptic_search_index

A full list of methods that can be used on rwo_record to help configure the indexing are as follows:

Method Description
sympatic_search_index  Specify the string to index in the full text search
otherinfojson Specify in JSON format a list of fields to display when the object is found via the full text search (this overrides the values extracted to the Postgres database)
othergeometrywkt Specify in WKT format the shape of the object to display when found via the full text search