Symaptic Web and Mobile GIS Package

The two client interfaces are the:

  • Symaptic Web GIS Client – for viewing your GIS data on the internet/intranet
  • Symaptic Web Hierarchical Explorer – for when it is easier to explorer records via their non-spatial relationships with other records rather than their geographic locations

The primary focus of the Symaptic Web and Mobile Package is currently on the online/connected aspect for any platform (desktop, tablet and mobile), however, future enhancements are aiming to provide an offline mobile client as well.

Additionally, the Web and Mobile Package is very flexible and can provide:

  • web based red-lining and markup back into Smallworld via the Markup Manager
  • ultra-fast full text search of all your data
  • an open standards big data warehouse interface for your Smallworld VMDS
  • view and analyse your Smallworld data with open source desktop software
  • a platform to package and release GIS data to mobile solutions