Documentation – Symaptic Web GIS Client

This documentation is divided into two sections.  The first section is for Adminstrators, and the second section is for Users (skip straight to the User Documentation by clicking here).

If you have already installed the Symaptic Web Hierachical Explorer, the base product installation is the same and you can skip to Section 4 of the Administration Documentation.

If you just want to install a demo as quickly as possible using the Cambridge Database, have a look here.

Administration Documentation

  1. Overview of the different components of the Symaptic Open Source Web and Mobile Package
  2. Licence
  3.  Installation
    1. Required hardware and operating system
    2. Software installation
  4. Basic Configuration
    1. Cambridge Database example configuration
    2. PNI Database example Configuration
    3. Electric Office Database example configuration
    4. Configuration for your own Database
  5. Checking the data extract (Postgres)
  6. Checking the map server (Geoserver)
  7. Configuring styles
  8. Configuring the extract settings
  9. Configuring the full text search settings
  10. Viewing data in an open source Desktop GIS (QGIS)

User Documentation

  1. Viewing data in the Symaptic Web GIS Client
  2. Map markup
  3. Distance measurement