Checking the Data Extract

The Symaptic Web and Mobile Package uses Postgres as it’s primary data repository.  Records exported from Smallworld are stored in Postgres. Geoserver, the Map Server used by the Sympatic Web GIS Client, accesses Postgres for all it’s records (although it can also access other sources).

To take a closer look at the data stored in Postgres, a tool such as pgAdmin or DBeaver can be very handy.  The remainder of this document will show screen shots from pgAdmin.

Steps to view your data with pgAdmin:

  1. Download and install pgAdmin (
  2. Create a new server/connection with the following properties:
    The password is: postgres
    Depending our where you are running pgAdmin from, you may need to use the qualified host name rather than localhost.
  3. Once connected you will be able to browser the Symaptic created tables in the Symaptic Database public schema: 
  4. Postgres is a very powerful database and now your Smallworld data is rapidly and easily accessibly to virtually any other system. Your big data warehouses can easily access you Smallworld data here, or you may wish to interrogate your data with other open source tools such as QGIS – see Viewing data in an open source Desktop GIS (QGIS).